Drivers is celebrated motion artist Everfresh’s first Fount Gallery release.

Driven by the rhythm of skate culture and dance, this new collection delivers an immersive world of form and flow.

Fully designed, animated, and soundtracked by Everfresh, the collection includes five digital artworks that exist as ERC-721 and ERC 1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection consists of one 1/1, two limited editions — one of which is a Fount Patron exclusive — as well as two free editions available only to collectors who have supported Everfresh by collecting his previous releases.




Ξ 6.0


Driver – The Sense

Edition of 10


Ξ 0.33

Driver – The Source

Everfresh Holder Edition



Driver – The Zone

Fount Patron Edition


Ξ 0.15

Artist Statement

By Everfresh

Drivers is all about what drives me as an artist. I've always been fascinated by movement. Be it skateboarding, dancing, or athletics; there's an element of style that can only be conveyed through movement; a certain feeling you can only create through motion. As long as I can remember, I've been drawn to finding ways to nurture that feeling. First, I found it in sports such as gymnastics and kung fu, then skateboarding and later dancing, and now I'm creating it with animation. I've always enjoyed good music videos and classic cartoons; my audiovisual work feels like a natural output of the inspiration that drives me to create.

Sebastian Pfeifer (a.k.a Everfresh) is a digital animation artist with a graphics and motion design background. Driven by a strong passion for fluid motion and slick beats, his vibrant, dynamic works are made unique by the music he produces custom for each animation, ensuring every move is flawlessly synchronized with sound. Influenced by the audiovisual aesthetics of the 70s and contemporary digital art, his surrealistic animations take viewers into an immersive world of smooth transitions and continuous fluidity.

“As a curator, I am always looking for artists who push the boundaries of their medium and produce truly unique and captivating works. I'm a longtime admirer of Everfresh, who is undoubtedly one of the most original and exciting motion designers out there.

The Drivers collection represents a special occasion — it's the first time we're seeing an expanded body of work from Everfresh. These five artworks truly showcase his unique combination of talents — the fact that Everfresh designs, animates, and produces the soundtrack for each work sets him apart from the vast majority of artists working in the field today.”

— Pablo Steffa, co-founder & creative director at Fount Gallery

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